10 Jobs That Pay Well But Are Hard to Fill

Many jobs pay a lot of money, but not many people want to do them. These jobs can be hard or dangerous, but they are very important. They help keep us safe and make sure things we need work well. In this article, we will talk about ten jobs like this. We will see what these workers do and why these jobs are so important, even though not many people choose to do them.

Hazardous Materials Removal Worker

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Hazmat workers are the unsung heroes of public safety. They handle dangerous substances that can cause serious health issues, like asbestos, which can lead to lung diseases, and radioactive waste, which poses a risk of radiation sickness. They work in places that are undergoing major changes or clean-up, such as old power plants being dismantled or buildings being renovated.

The job market for hazmat workers isn’t as crowded as others because it’s a niche field. It requires not just physical strength but also mental toughness. They have to wear heavy protective suits, masks, and gloves, which can be uncomfortable, especially in extreme temperatures. They must follow safety rules to the letter to protect themselves and the community.

These workers are paid more than many other jobs because they face risks every day. Employers often provide health benefits, recognizing the potential exposure to harmful materials. Hazmat workers play a key role in keeping our environment clean and safe.


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Embalming is an ancient practice, but today’s embalmers use modern science to preserve bodies. They make sure that families can say goodbye to their loved ones in a respectful way. The process involves cleaning the body, replacing blood with embalming fluid to preserve it, and using techniques to restore a peaceful appearance.

Embalmers need a strong understanding of human anatomy, as they work with the body’s circulatory system. They also need to know about different chemicals and how they react with the body. On top of this, they use cosmetics to give the deceased a natural look, which requires an artistic touch.

The job can be emotionally challenging because embalmers work with death every day. They need to be compassionate and respectful, as they’re helping families during a difficult time. The pay and benefits reflect the specialized nature of the work and the emotional strength required.

Sewage Plant Operator

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Sewage Plant Operators are essential for keeping our water clean. They manage the complex systems that treat the water we’ve used so it can be returned to rivers and oceans safely. They work with big machines, adjusting settings to clean the water, and sometimes even produce energy from waste.

Operators have to be alert, checking the machinery and fixing any issues quickly. They also test the water to make sure it’s clean enough to meet strict environmental standards. The work is crucial for preventing pollution and protecting wildlife.

The job offers good pay and stability because it’s so important. Operators are trained to understand the technical side of the plant and are detail-oriented. They get benefits like health insurance, which is important for a job that can be dirty and sometimes dangerous.

Oil Rig Worker

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Oil Rig Workers are at the forefront of the energy industry. They work in some of the toughest conditions, on platforms in the middle of the ocean. They handle equipment that drills deep into the earth to bring up oil or gas, which we all rely on for energy.

The job is known for its long hours and ‘hitch’ system, where workers spend weeks on the rig before getting a break. It’s physically tough, with heavy lifting and working with machinery. Safety is a top priority because the work can be hazardous.

Oil Rig Workers are well-paid, with salaries that can be very high for experienced workers with special skills. But it’s a lifestyle choice as much as a job, with workers spending a lot of time away from home and in isolation.

High-Rise Window Cleaner

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High-Rise Window Cleaners have a job that takes them to the top of the world’s tallest buildings. They clean and maintain the windows of skyscrapers, working hundreds of feet above the ground. It’s a job that requires fitness, a lack of fear of heights, and focus.

They use ropes, harnesses, and platforms to reach the windows. They have to be skilled at using this equipment safely, often in wind, rain, or extreme heat. The job is risky, but it’s also important for keeping buildings looking good and providing clear views for people inside.

Window Cleaners are paid well because of the skills and bravery needed. But it’s a job with a limited number of people willing to do it, due to the heights and the danger involved.

Underground Mining Machine Operator

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Underground Mining Machine Operators work deep below the earth’s surface. They operate the machines that cut into rock to extract coal, minerals, and ores. It’s a critical job in the mining industry, as these materials are used in everything from electricity generation to smartphones.

The work environment is challenging, with darkness, noise, and dust. Operators need to be comfortable in tight spaces and able to concentrate for long periods. They also need to be vigilant about safety, as mining can be dangerous.

Mining Machine Operators are paid well for their skills and the tough conditions they work in. They receive training to use the machinery and to understand the mining process.

Elevator Installer/Repairer

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Elevator Installers and Repairers keep us moving up and down in tall buildings. They install new elevators and keep existing ones running smoothly. They work with complex systems, including electrical wiring and mechanical parts.

The job requires technical skills to read blueprints and troubleshoot problems. It’s also physically demanding, with lifting heavy parts and working in small spaces. Elevator Mechanics need to be careful and precise to ensure people’s safety.

The job is well-paid and comes with benefits. It’s a specialized field, so there are fewer people trained to do it. Elevator Mechanics are important for modern buildings, where elevators are essential.

Roughneck (Oil and Gas Driller)

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Roughnecks are the hard-working crew on oil rigs. They drill for oil and gas, which powers our cars and heats our homes. The job is physically demanding, with heavy lifting and working with machinery.

They work in teams, coordinating with each other to operate the drilling equipment. The job is stressful, with long hours and the need to be alert to any problems. Safety is crucial because drilling can be dangerous.

Roughnecks have job security and good pay. They also get benefits like time off after their shifts, which can be several weeks long.

Derrick Operator (Oil and Gas)

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Derrick Operators work high up on the derrick, the tower on a drilling rig. They oversee the drilling, making sure it’s done safely and efficiently. They handle the equipment that moves the drill and monitors the drilling process.

They have to be vigilant, keeping an eye on the machinery and the well. The job is noisy and can be hazardous, with the risk of falls or equipment failures. Derrick Operators need to be quick to respond to any issues.

The job is well-paid, reflecting the skills and risks involved. Operators often travel to different drilling sites, which can be an adventure.


We’ve talked about ten jobs that pay well but not many people want to do. These jobs are very important. They help keep us safe and make sure things we need don’t stop working. The people who do these jobs are brave and work hard. They do things that many people don’t want to do. We should thank them because they help all of us every day. Maybe learning about these jobs will make more people think about doing them.